Chris Ward, Aug 21

Watch: The Evolution of Android's Ecosystem

In this video Chris Ward outlines a history of Android versions, and asks whether we should still support them in our applications and, if so, how.
Abbas Suterwala, Aug 21

Create Your Own Content Provider in Android

Abbas Suterwala shows how we can create shareable data stores amongst apps by creating a content provider in Android.
Ada Ivanoff, Aug 18

10 Essential Material Design Resources and Tutorials

Ada Ivanoff shows 10 of her favorite resources for working with Material Design. Google's current design framework.
Wern Ancheta, Aug 12

Creating a PhoneRTC Calling App - Server Side

In the final part of this short series, Wern Ancheta adds a server side component to our PhoneRTC calling app to handle client connections.
Chris Ward, Aug 11

Video: Understanding Android Differences

We'll look at understanding the differences between Android devices, system versions and the components that comprise the Android Operating System.
Joyce Echessa, Aug 11

Material Design with the Android Design Support Library

Joyce Echessa demonstrates how the Android Design Support library can bring Material Design to older Android versions.
Wern Ancheta, Aug 07

Creating an Audio Calling App with Ionic and PhoneRTC

Wern Ancheta starts a two part article on creating an app for audio calling between users with Ionic, Cordova and PhoneRTC
Krzysztof Trzeciak, Aug 04

How to Run Node.js with Express on Mobile Devices

Krzysztof Trzeciak looks at how to run node.js express apps on mobile devices.
Huan Liu, Jun 30

Designing Always-On Smart Watch Apps

Huan Liu discusses the principles behind designing for always on watch apps that need constant access to the device hardware.
Joyce Echessa, Jun 26

How to Develop a Music Streaming Android App

Joyce Echessa shows us how to use the Android Multimedia Framework to develop a fully featured music streaming app.
Ada Ivanoff, Jun 25

The 12 Best Android Tutorials for First-Time App Developers

When you are a beginner, it's easy to get confused about where to start. To make it easy for you here are 12 Android tutorials to start with.
Valdio Veliu, Jun 23

A Developers Guide to Risky Android App Permissions

We have all seen Android App permissions from a user perspective but how should you implement them and why as a developer? Valdio Veliu explains more.
Brett Romero, May 28

Visual Studio Community 2015: Going Mobile

Brett Romero explains how to integrate mobile platform Cordova into your Visual Studio Community 2015 website, and provide users with a slick mobile app.
Abbas Suterwala, May 13

Understanding Android WebViews

Abbas Suterwala shows us how to load and interact with WebViews in Android to load external web pages or HTML that might be required in your application.
Valdio Veliu, May 06

The Top 8 Plugins for Android Studio

In Valdio's first article for SitePoint, he lists eight useful plugins for Android studio, the official IDE for Android development.
Donald Dragoti, May 01

An Introduction to Android Accessibility Features

Donald Dragoti demonstrates how to use some of Android's accessibility features to make your apps usable by everyone.
Jay Raj, Apr 21

Creating a Bucket List with the Ionic Framework and Firebase

Jay Ray looks at using the IONIC Framework to create a Bucket List application perfect for mobile usage.
Richa Jain, Apr 08

7 Best Practices for Designing a Mobile User Experience

Richa Jain discusses 7 of her favourite tips for designing a mobile user experience to give your mobile users an optimized experience with your site.
Paula Green, Apr 03

Using Android Sensors in Your App

Paula Green demonstrates how to use the Android sensor API in your applications to monitor accelerometer and location.
Elio Qoshi, Mar 31

Prototyping for Android with Material Design

Elio Qoshi discusses how Proto.io and other tools can be used for prototyping Material design based interfaces.
Ada Ivanoff, Mar 11

11 Free Mobile Icon Sets to Use in Your App

Ada Ivanoff shows us 11 fantastic icon sets for use in your Android, iOS and Windows Apps, many of which are free.
David Turnbull, Jan 28

A Beginners Guide to Mobile Development with Meteor

Meteor.js is a promising JavaScript framework, that also comes prepackaged with Cordova support, ideal for mobile development. David Turnbull shows us more.
Abbas Suterwala, Jan 27

Handling and Displaying Images in Android

Abbas Suterwala demonstrates how to use several Android ImageViews to easily display and handle images in your app.
Tahir Taous, Jan 21

5 Mobile App Testing Tools

Tahir Taous looks at 5 services for testing your mobile apps and getting user feedback quickly.