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Scrum Artifacts: Velocity and Burndown Charts

velocity is how a scrum team measures the amount of work they can complete in a typical sprint. By tracking the number of story points the...
M. David Green, 4 days ago

Scrum Artifacts: Definition of Done

Declaring a story to be done is a means of verifying that all of its critical aspects have been completed based on the way each team works.
M. David Green, Feb 16
Design & UX

How to Overcome All Your Fears Without Being Brave

 Why are we afraid of safe things, and cheerfully cavalier about things that are actually dangerous? Science (and Jason) has some useful...
Jason Lengstorf, Feb 15

10 Unexpected Ways to Get Recognized as Your Industry’s Authority

Aaron Agius looks at strategies entrepreneurs, developers and others can use to build influence and authority in their industries.
Aaron Agius, Feb 14
Design & UX

Giveaway: Get a New Logo from 99designs for Free

The best 99designs offer available: a free contest giveaway, and a free $99 upgrade on any logo or design contest. 
Ophelie Lechat, Feb 10

Meet the Top 3% Disrupting the Freelance Industry

Introducing Toptal - an elite talent agency that houses the top 3% of best software developers, UX/UI designers and finance experts the...
Aleczander Gamboa, Feb 02
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Turn Your Side Project into a Full-Time Gig: Tips from Hacking UI

Hacking UI and Side Project Accelerator Co-Founder David Tinter shares his top tips to turning your side project into a full-time gig.
Aleczander Gamboa, Feb 01
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