Adam Enfroy, Apr 10

4 Ways to Grow Your Online Brand by Combining Content & Commerce

For years, one of the most significant challenges to scaling a WordPress site was due to the clunky ecommerce options.
SitePoint Team, Apr 09

The Top 12 Multipurpose WordPress Themes to Choose in 2019

Searching for an alternative to plowing through a whole host of multipurpose themes? Check out this list of our 12 favorite multipurpose themes for 2019.
Olayinka Omole, Apr 08

Fetching Data from a Third-party API with Vue.js and Axios

Learn to build data-driven apps with Vue 2. Olayinka Omole creates a simple client to pull news stories from the New York Times API with the Axios library.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Apr 08

7 Cross-Browser Testing Tools You Need in 2019

Though browsers are arguably more reliable than they've ever been, we still can't forget about cross-browser testing tools. Here are 7 top options for you.
Joel Falconer, Apr 05

SitePoint Premium New Releases: Node, Android, React Native & More

We're working hard to keep you on the cutting edge of your field with SitePoint Premium.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Apr 04

How to Build a News App with Ionic 4 & Angular

In this tutorial we'll be using Ionic 4 and Angular to build a news application that makes use of a third-party news API.
Tonino Jankov, Apr 03

JavaScript Web Workers: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how web workers help with web app performance, and get started by building a basic JavaScript web worker.
Deeksha Agarwal, Apr 03

Cross Browser Testing Checklist Before Going Live

A handy checklist for you to check-off as you perform cross browser tests on your site before going live.
Harshit Paul, Mar 27

How to Use Selenium WebDriver for Cross Browser Testing

Selenium is a popular automation testing framework that is primarily used for cross browser testing.
Chad Campbell, Mar 25

How to Conditionally Apply a CSS Class in Vue.js

Chad shows how to conditionally apply a CSS class at runtime, binding to a JS object by defining a class and creating class bindings in your template.
Joel Falconer, Mar 22

SitePoint Premium New Releases: DevOps Security, jQuery & Vue Projects

Check out our new books on DevOps security, jQuery, and building Vue projects, as well as our new Premium library interface.
Kingsley Silas, Mar 21

The Difference Between Computed Properties, Methods and Watchers in Vue

We look at methods, computed properties and watchers in Vue applications, clearing them up by showing how to build a search component with each one.
Nilson Jacques, Mar 20

Get Started Writing Class-based Vue.js Apps in TypeScript

Let's take a look and see how you can start taking advantage of TypeScript's static typing and class-based components in your Vue.js code today.
Shaumik Daityari, Mar 19

Getting Started with Natural Language Processing in Python

In this tutorial, you'll learn to analyze textual data using Natural Language Processing in Python.
Olayinka Omole, Mar 18

Nuxt.js: a Minimalist Framework for Creating Universal Vue.js Apps

Improve the loading performance and SEO of your Vue.js apps with Server-side rendering (SSR). Learn to build a universal Vue app with the Nuxt.js framework.
Nilson Jacques, Mar 15

How to Replace jQuery with Vue

Nilson takes a shot at convincing you that using Vue.js doesn’t have to be a headache, and will help you write better code faster, even for basic projects.
Joel Falconer, Mar 14

SitePoint Premium New Releases: Swift, Icon Design, and Vue

We're working hard to keep you on the cutting edge of your field with SitePoint Premium. Check out our new books and mini-books in the library.
Michael Wanyoike, Mar 14

React Hooks: How to Get Started & Build Your Own

React Hooks is a revolutionary feature that will simplify your code, making it easy to read, maintain, test in isolation and re-use in your projects.
Patrick Catanzariti, Mar 13

Create an Automated Scoreboard that Senses Your Score with a Raspberry Pi

Create a basketball scoreboard that automatically senses your score, using a Raspberry Pi 3, Node.js and Javascript.
Design & UX
SitePoint Team, Mar 12

Looking for the Perfect UX/UI Tools? Check Out These Great Ones

The right tools and resources can be invaluable for getting things right. Let's look at several of the best.
Michael Wanyoike, Mar 11

10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers

Michael lists a selection of must-have VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers, showing why VS Code is a serious contender for best code editor.
Design & UX
Dave Kearney, Mar 11

15 Top Prototyping Tools Go Head-to-Head

Dave Kearney compares the top 15 prototyping tools disrupting the design tool market today, with video overviews of each one.
Joel Falconer, Mar 08

SitePoint Premium New Releases: Vue Projects, Django & Isomorphic Go

We're working hard to keep you on the cutting edge of your field with SitePoint Premium. Let us introduce you to our new books in the library.
Design & UX
Jodie Moule, Mar 07

How User Research Turned a Good App into a Great One

Jodie Moule tells the story of how she came to launch her successful Cook app, and how user research was all-important in making it the best app it could be.