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Shared Element Transitions Effects in Mobile

Shared element transitions in your Android apps are a must. Transitions allow you to keep the user's attention on your assets as you go...
Rodrigo Cericatto, Nov 23

iOS Speech APIs Tutorial

With the launch of iOS 10 developers can make use of a new exciting API: Speech Recognition. The concept of translating audio to text is...
Deivi Taka, 4 days ago

How to Save Data with NSUserDefaults

The use of data persistence is absolutely pivotal when developing iOS apps, and NSUserDefaults provides one option for data persistence in...
Sandy Ludosky, Aug 22

Updating and Deleting Records with Core Data

Having introduced the Core Data framework in previous screencasts, this video will cover updating and deleting records in Core Data. You...
Sandy Ludosky, Aug 01
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Server-Side Swift: Comparing Vapor and Perfect

One of the reasons Swift has become a major player in web development is that there is a variety of great quality frameworks to build web...
Clay Unicorn, 5 days ago

Fetching Requests with Core Data

Implementing data persistence in your iOS app is definitely a requirement for most uses, and being able to fetch your data and display it...
Sandy Ludosky, Jul 25

Store UIColor with UserDefaults in Swift 3

This article was originally published at iOS Geek Community. So, what the heck is UserDefaults in the first place? Why is the name so...
Bob Lee, Mar 15
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