Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Sep 13

How to Stop Designing Square Layouts by Thinking Outside of the Box

Websites are so often boxes in boxes in boxes. Daniel has 5 different ways to break your habit of rectangular website designs.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jul 27

Prisma: The Rise and Fall and Rise of the One-Trick-Pony Filter

'Push button' image filters have developed a bad reputation with design professionals. But perhaps a new image filter called Prisma can change their minds.
Design & UX
Simon Codrington, Jun 30

Review: Is the New and Improved Google Fonts Better?

Google fonts revolutionized web fonts by bringing them to the world. They've just released the services' biggest overhauls since 2010. But is it better?
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jun 16

How to Find Cool, Quirky, Copyright Free Photos on Flickr

Think you know Flickr? Did you know they store a vast reservoir of copyright free photos imagery from the world's great libraries, museums, & archives?
Design & UX
Angela Molina, Jun 13

Let's Talk about Sketch, Baby! With Sketch Guru, Daniel Schwarz

 We think it's important to connect you with subject matter specialists and give you a chance to say hello and ask them a question. Last week, we caught up with Daniel Schwarz for a chat about Sketch 3.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jun 07

Why SVG Image Hosting is Hard (... and How to Do It)

SVG is powerful, but finding a place to put your image is harder than it should be. Here's a scalable, reliable, free SVG image hosting method.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Jun 06

9 Free iPhone Apps for Productive Designers

Design isn't something you only do at your desk. Gabrielle has 9 apps to help designers get things done on their iPhone.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, May 26

Make Your Own Responsive SVG Graphs & Infographics

It doesn't matter how crisp your SVG text is if it's too small to be read. Responsive SVG lets you prioritize the important parts of you graphic.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, May 17

5 Hot Logo Design Trends of 2016

You gotta know the current trends before you can swim the other way. Gabrielle has five logo trends that are making waves in 2016.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, May 11

Mastering SVG Patterns Without Breaking Your Brain (or Budget)

SVG patterns are a great low-bandwidth tool for designers but setting them up can be hard. Alex shows how Boxy SVG makes things much easier.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, May 10

How Sketch's New Symbols Will Improve Your Workflow

'Don't Repeat Yourself' (DRY) is a coding concept but it makes perfect sense for graphic design too. Daniel shows us how Sketch Symbols help us stay DRY.
Design & UX
Elio Qoshi, Apr 28

Sourcehunt Design April: How About Adding Fedora to Your CV?

April's Sourcehunt brings two Open Source goliaths. How would you like to add Fedora and/or Mozilla to your design portfolio?
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Apr 27

Why JPEGs are like McDonalds Apple Pies (and SVGs are not)

Sometimes it helps to think of SVG, not as an 'image format', but as a 'recipe'. And once you *really* know a recipe, you can start to change it. 
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Apr 21

Boxy SVG: A Fast, Simple, Insanely Useful, FREE SVG Editor

SVG is hot but easily corrupted. Boxy SVG is a free editor that helps you make the most of what the SVG format is good at.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Apr 19

#SketchTip: How to Share Artboards with Your Team

 Being able to easily share your Sketch designs is hugely beneficial to your team, clients, and collaborators. Daniel has some answers.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Apr 14

Design 2016: The Year of Illustration?

How many gigantic-background-photo sites do we really need? Illustration is a sure-fire way to give your designs a 100% authentic, bespoke finish. 
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Apr 13

How to Catch the Eye of Users (and Other Fiendish Traps)

Humans love to look at eyes. We can't help it. But sometimes that can be a problem for our layouts. Alex looks at how you can direct the eye of your users.
Design & UX
Hilda, Mar 31

6 Tips to Get Past a Creative Block

Being creative is rewarding but when it's not happening, it's hard to force it. Hilda has some useful steps to work through creative block.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 23

Sketch App: How to Share Artboards with Your Team

Being able to share your designs in Sketch with very little effort is hugely beneficial to your team. Daniel show us more than one way to do it!
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 16

What is Adobe XD (Project Comet) and Should You Care?

Fireworks is fizzling out, but Adobe has returned with a mystery new UI tool. What is Adobe XD? Will this fiery comet become a star? Dan investigates.
Design & UX
Mateo Prifti, Mar 02

Affinity Designer: Can a $25 $49 Vector Editor Really Cut It?

Vectors are becoming more important on the web with the rise of SVG. Mateo looks at a cost-effective option – Affinity Designer.
Design & UX
Zack Rutherford, Feb 22

7 Trends That Will Define Web Design in 2016

As 2016 starts to ramp up, we're starting to see strong trends emerging. Zack is on point with a list of the defining styles of the year.
Design & UX
Aja Frost, Feb 16

The 14 Latest and Greatest Sources of Design Inspiration

What keeps designers hungry? Fresh meat, of course. Aja has 14 new wells of inspiration to keep you shooting at the stars.
Design & UX
Elio Qoshi, Jan 14

Are You a Talented Designer? Sourcehunt #1 Needs You!

Sometimes the most wonderful creations die for want of a tiny bit of design love. Maybe you can make the difference?