Boost Your Skills With These Fun Typography Games

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Here’s some fun. We’ve compiled a collection of entertaining typography games sure to test your knowledge. Pair typefaces at rapid speed, identify fonts in the blink of an eye, improve your kerning and ragging, and learn the history behind some of your favorite typefaces.

Best of all? Nearly all these games are free to play!

1. The Rather Difficult Font Game

The Rather Difficult Font Game

Learn to eyeball fonts fast with The Rather Difficult Font Game. The concept is simple: text will appear for each round and you’re tasked with identifying it. Beware… it’s harder than it looks!

2. TypeConnection


TypeConnection – the “typographic dating game” – helps designers fuel their font-pairing powers with split-second decisions that are sure to get designers at every level up to speed. A nice touch is the roll-over feature, which display each font’s historical significance, unique attributes and letter structure, including cap height, x-height and baseline.

3. Kerntype

3. Kerntype

Still working on your kerning skills? Kerntype will make you a pro in no time! Simply drag the middle letters to their rightful place by using your arrow keys or your mouse. When you’ve finished, hit “compare” to see how your work measures up.

4. Typewar


Similar to The Rather Difficult Font Game, Typewar ups the ante by challenging you to identity fonts using only a single letter. See what level you can achieve and compare yourself to fellow players to gage how well you’re doing.

5. Shoot the Serif

Shoot the Serif

I Shot the Serif” may be a silly play on words, but it’s a valuable lesson for beginner designers. Set yourself straight by taking aim at serif letters and avoiding the sans serif letters at all costs!

6. RagTime


Creating clean rags can be a real pain for any level designer. Enter: Rag Time – a fun way to speed up your typography skills as you hack away at paragraphs of text to the tune of cheesy ragtime music.

7. Type:Rider


This award-winning phone game has generated a lot of buzz for its stunning visuals and font integration. Focused on the historical significance of type, you’ll explore 10 themed worlds that echo the period of the world’s most famous fonts – including Garamond, Helvetica, and many more.

Take a sneak peek at the trailer here, then download it on iOS or Android (starting at $2.99USD).

Have another fun typography game to add to the mix? Share it in the comments!

Republished with permission from the 99designs Design Blog.

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