SitePoint Flash Scripts

Welcome to SitePoint’s Flash Script resource! It’s just been updated — all recent additions are marked "New!"

Here, you’ll find an ever-increasing number of quick, simple Flash scripts that you can easily apply to your latest project. No matter what you’re after, it’s here! The scripts are categorised as:

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Compatibility: Please note that all scripts presented here are compatible with Flash 5, unless otherwise stated.

Graphic Effects

3D Perspective Moving Effect

Ball and Line Effect

Ball and Wall Collision Effect

Create a Transparent Flash Movie

Cursor Trick 1: Cross Hair Cursor

Cursor Trick 2: Rotating Mouse Follower

Cursor Trick 3: Cursor Tracking Effect

Cursor Responsive Text

DNA Double Helix

Fading Text Effect – New!

Falling Snow Effect

Fire Fffect – New!

Flash MX Dragable Rubber Band Effect

Forward and Backward Button Effect

Hide and Change Cursor Appearance

LED Display – New!

LED Text Effect

Matrix Effect

Random Number Effect – New!

Random Text Effect With Default Text Display – New!

Random Text Letter Effect – New!

Ray of Light

Sequential Image Fader

Shaking Window Effect

Shuffling Letters Effect – New!

Simple Typewriter Effect

Spring Effect

Square Ripple Cursor Response

Star Field Effect – New!

TV Static Effect – New!

Tweening: Basic Motion Tween – New!

Tweening: Shape Tweening in Flash – New!

Tweening: Tween Motion Along a Path – New!

Waterfall Effect – New!

Zoom Lens

Build Your Own…

Advanced Preloader

Button Component – New!

Checkbox Component – New!

Combobox Component – New!

Cool Mac Button Menu

Create a Flash Sketchpad

Dynamic JPEG Image Loader in Flash MX

Listbox Component – New!

Loader Intro – New!

Picture Scroller with “Next” and “Previous” Buttons – New!

Popup Menu – New!

Popup Windows in Flash

Radio Button Component – New!

Scroll Bar in Flash 5

Scroller Component – New!

Scrolling Image Gallery

Scrolling Menu with Scrolling Background – New!

Simple Preloader

Use Flash To…

Call Sounds Dynamically

Change a Movie Clip’s Color in Flash

Controlling Visual Basic From Flash

Create a Dynamic Scroller in Flash

Create Duplicate Movie Clips

Disable User’s Right Click Menu

Dynamic Masking in Flash MX

Dynamic Time in Flash

Validate Forms in Flash – New!

Finding Cursor Coordinates

Flash’s Escape and Unescape Functions

Load a Movie in Flash

Load a Text File Into Flash

Load XML Data Into Flash

Open Browser in Flash

Send Email Using Flash

Simple Hit Detection in Flash

Swapping Images in Flash