Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, May 04

Steam-Powered DOTA on Rails

Ilya Bodrov dives into the Steam API to authenticate and retrieve match data for DOTA. This is a very interesting foray into a different API.
Vasu K, Apr 30

Stripe Subscriptions in Rails

Vasu K walks through how to setup a subscription-based service using Stripe in Rails. Subscription plans are notoriously hard to setup, but this is easy.
Imran Latif, Apr 27

Ruby's Important Hook Methods

Imran Latif explores Ruby's most important hook methods. Learn what these methods are and how Ruby's favorite gems are using them.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Apr 23

Rails Authentication with OAuth 2.0 and OmniAuth

Ilya Bodrov continues the Authentication in Rails series, covering OmniAuth and OAuth 2.0. Ilya configures Twitter, Facebook, and other providers.
Jesse Herrick, Apr 13

Jekyll on Rails

Jesse Herrick combines Jekyll, the most popular static-site generator, with Rails, the most popular dynamic site framework. Use the right tool for the job.
Jonathan Cutrell, Apr 06

Build Monitoring Widgets with Ruby and BitBar

Jonathan Cutrell brings explores BitBar, a free app that allows you to put scriptable output in your MacOS X menu bar. JC uses Ruby to make two cool widgets
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Mar 26

Devise Authentication in Depth

Ilya Bodrov continues the Authentication in Rails series by looking at the most popular authentication gem: Devise. Basic setup to using extensions.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Mar 16

Magical Authentication with Sorcery

Ilya Bodrov pens a comprehensive tutorial on implementing Rails authentication with Sorcery.
Glenn Goodrich, Mar 09

Leaderboards on Rails

Glenn Goodrich offers this post on how to make a versatile leaderboard web application with Rails and the leaderboard gem.
Abder-Rahman Ali, Mar 02

Ruby on Medicine: Handling Large Files

In part 2 of the Ruby on Medicine series, Abder-Rahman Ali uses Ruby to break an enormous file on genomes and genome sequencing into smaller chunks.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Feb 23

Activity Feeds with Rails

Ilya Bodrov shows you how to create an Facebook-like activity feed in Rails. This is a very cool way to add something new to your site.
Glenn Goodrich, Feb 18

Sailing the Parallel Seas with Codeship

Glenn Goodrich takes us on a voyage aboard the vessel Codeship, exploring the high seas of continuous integration with the new ParallelCI tool
Vasu K, Feb 12

Image Processing with Rails

Vasu K dives into using Rails to create and manipulate images. Learn how to upload images, create multiple versions, and optimize the images for the web.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Feb 06

YouTube API, Version 3 on Rails

Ilya Bodrov instructs you how to use the newest version (3) of the YouTube API. Ilya has written previous posts using previous versions, so he knows.
Dhaivat Pandya, Jan 22

Rails URL Helpers in Javascript with JsRoutes

Use the JsRoutes gem to get Rails URL helper in your javascript code. No more hardcoding URLs on the client, FTW!
Vasu K, Jan 15

Rails Model Caching with Redis

Model level caching is something that's often ignored, even by seasoned developers. Much of it's due to the misconception that, when you cache the views, you don't need to cache at the lower levels. While it's true that much of a bottleneck in the Rails world lies in the View layer, that's not always the case.

Lower level caches are very flexible and can work anywhere in the application. In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate how to cache your models with Redis.

Dhaivat Pandya, Jan 14

Tokaido: Quick Start with Rails

Dhaivat Pandya explores Tokaido, an application aimed at making getting started with Rails on the Mac much, much easier.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Jan 08

Messaging with Rails and Mailboxer

Mailboxer is a Rails gem that is a generic messaging system that handles conversations with one or more recipients and sends notifications via email.
Islam Wazery, Dec 15

Advanced Search with Ransack

In this tutorial we will explore how to add complex search functionality into your Rails application. This task will be made easier by the awesome Ransack Ruby gem. Ransack provides excellent helpers and builders for handling advanced searches on your models. It has some really powerful features available out of the box without writing a lot of code, such as sorting or conditional search.

Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Dec 11

Fun with Robots, Lita, and HipChat

Glenn Goodrich, Dec 04

RailsBricks: Start Faster with Rails

A detailed dive into RailsBricks, a gem that generates complete Rails applications. RailsBricks takes care of authentications, email, config, and more.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Nov 20

Mini-chat with Rails and Server-Sent Events

Ilya Bodrov takes a look at using Rails and HTML5 Server-Sent Events to create a web-based, real time, mini-chat application.
Panayotis Matsinopoulos, Nov 17

Delayed Job Best Practices

In this article, I'll cover some of the best practices and tips I apply at work when working with Delayed Job.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Nov 10

Polling Your Users with Rails

In this article, I am going to show you how to build a web app that allows authenticated users to create, manage, and participate in polls using Rails.