Frequently Asked Questions

SitePoint Newsletters

Can I manage my newsletter subscriptions?

Most certainly :)

In the bottom of every newsletter, you’ll see a link to “manage my subscriptions”. This will take you through a subscription preferences page, where you’ll see checkboxes for each of our newsletters – you can pick and choose which you would like to receive.

If you’d like to cancel all SitePoint emails, including special offers and deals, the link on that page will add you to a blacklist in our account which will prevent all messages from reaching your email address.

How do I unsubscribe from SitePoint newsletters?

All SitePoint newsletters include “unsubscribe” links in the footer, which will take you off the list for all our newsletters.

If you’d like to stop all emails from SitePoint, click on “Manage my subscriptions”, and use the link on the subscription preferences page to add your email address to our blacklist.

Do bear in mind, too, that our product promotions and offers are run from a separate list to our newsletter subscriptions – so if you’d like to cut off all SitePoint emails, your best option would be to get in touch and ask us directly at

Print book orders

Where are my books? Can I track my order?

You sure can! We now offer tracking on all our orders. As soon as your order ships, you’ll receive an email from us with a tracking email and a link you can use to follow your shipment with its courier.

For orders overseas handled by the US Postal Service, the level of information available to you may very. This is because some local postal services don’t provide tracking information to USPS to report back to you. In these cases, you’ll see entries up until the parcel leaves the United States.

What is “print on demand” and how does it affect my order?

Print on demand is our new method for distributing SitePoint books. If your order is being handled on a print-on-demand basis, that means that the book is being printed, bound, and shipped out especially for your order.

Generally, print-on-demand orders are received and processed within one or two working days, which means that the difference in time isn’t all that noticeable. During busy periods, it may take us a little longer to ship your order.

We’ll send you an email as soon as you place your order, as well as a follow-up message when it ships, along with your order’s tracking information.

How come you’ve changed to print on demand?

That’s a good question! Most importantly, print-on-demand means that we can offer a much larger range of print books, for the same price as before. We don’t need to worry about printing runs of 3,000 books at a time – and there’s no need to pay warehousing costs. This means that we can put more resources into producing great content, and charge you a little less, too.

It also means that more niche titles, like Jump Start Sinatra, can be offered as a print book where we might not be able to otherwise.

Are all your books now print on demand?

Not yet! We still have regular stock for a large number of SitePoint books, including The CSS3 Anthology, Build Your Own Website The Right Way, PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, and Photoshop CS6 Unlocked.

All SitePoint books published since January, 2013, are available exclusively as print-on-demand titles. Some other titles, such as jQuery: Novice to Ninja, are also now handled as print-on-demand books because we’ve sold out of regular copies!

How does the ordering process work?

Ordering print books works just the same as before – if you’ve purchased print books anywhere else, it should be a familiar process. We just need to know which titles you’re after, how many copies, and where they should be sent to.

Your order will be submitted, printed, and shipped out in no time. You’ll receive emails along the way – confirming your order, and letting you know that it has shipped – to make it clear exactly what’s happening. If you’re not sure about any steps in the process, though, you can always contact us at

Will my books be printed in color or black and white?

This varies depending on the title. For books that deal with topics around graphics and design, like The Principles of Beautiful Web Design and Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, we will generally make the title available in colour.

Most other titles, including those which focus on code and development, are printed in black and white. If you’d like to find out if the book you’re interested in is available in black and white or color, just send us an email at

All ebook downloads, including PDF files, are offered in full colour regardless of the format of the printed book.