When I view the variables that I currently have in my session, I see:

[loginCreated] => 2004-06-12

So far so good.

Then I have some code that pulls the variables out of the session that I need:

// Grab variables out of the session

$loginCreated = $_SESSION['loginCreated'];
$loginID = $_SESSION['loginID'];

In my php code, if I then do an echo $loginCreated I get:

Dec 31, 1969

I'm really not sure why this is happening, being that the date in the session is 2004-06-12. It gets even stranger. When I add the following code:

$timestamp2 = strtotime($loginCreated);
$loginCreated = date("M d, Y", $timestamp2);

The webpage results then show absolutely nothing. Can someone help me figure this out?