Win Forms or Win UI?


I am going to work on app that work for Windows only. The app will use database and never will run on any other OS. What your opinion which to use ?

I use Winforms. But thats because i started with Winforms more than anything else. I have no strong preference on one over the other, Or between Winforms and WPF either.

The Win UI documentation looks very confusing to me. Probably WPF is a better choice. I have been doing Windows programming since before .Net and Windows Forms is closer to the way that a native Windows programmer would use Windows but I try to use WPF when possible anyway. Windows Forms might be easier to learn than WPF but I suspect that WPF is easier to learn than Win UI. Learning Windows Forms requires learning how Windows programming works but that knowledge can help to understand other frameworks for doing Windows programming.

Never liked WPF I will stick with windows forms.

I am very interested in why you would even consider Win UI when you do not like WPF. Have you created a Win UI project? I will be really surprised if you still consider Win UI to be a possibility after creating a project. No need to do anything more, just create the project and look at it. First, we must decide whether to create a Win UI 3 project with a MSIX project or with a WAP project. Just deciding which one seems ridiculous.

Just wanted to try Win UI because I saw some ui companies making very good winui controls in addition to what this article say

Then try Win UI. I think you will quickly answer your question yourself.