Craig Buckler, Dec 29

Average Page Weight Increases 15% in 2014

Web page weight increased by 15% in 2014 and now stands at 2Mb. Craig reveals who's to blame, but you may not like the answer...
James Hibbard, Dec 26

On Our Radar This Week: Code Quality and Christmas Time

In this week's round-up of the biggest web news, James looks at the MEAN stack, what makes quality code, some popular text editors and Christmas podcasts.
Paul Wilkins, Dec 19

On Our Radar: Elastic SVG and Slack bots

Paul Wilkins has this week's On Our Radar, a weekly round-up of news, trends, and other cool stuff from the world of web development.
James Hibbard, Dec 12

On Our Radar This Week: Node, Meteor and Website Performance

In this week's round-up of the biggest web news, we look at the aftermath of the Sony hack, the forking of Node.js and ways to improve website performance.
Craig Buckler, Dec 09

Browser Trends December 2014: Safari Survival?

We take a year-end look at the web browser market. With all vendors losing out to Chrome, Craig asks whether the desktop version of Safari has a viable future.
Paul Wilkins, Dec 05

On Our Radar This Week: Advent Calendars and Internet Addiction

Paul Wilkins takes a look at the big news stories, links and tools from the week.
Craig Buckler, Dec 04

What's New in Firefox 34

Craig looks at the many new and improved features in Firefox 34 and discusses the controversial switch from Google to Yahoo as the default search provider.
Ophelie Lechat, Dec 02

Get Two Years of Learnable and Help The Penguin Foundation

The SitePoint team loves innovative solutions to real-world problems. That's why we were so impressed by the Penguin Foundation's idea of using magnets to clean toxic oil from bird feathers — it's an elegant use of technology, replacing manual scrubbing with grease-cutting detergent, and it can save thousands of birds in the event of a tragic oil spill. We're not the only ones to be won over by this story: The project was a finalist in Google's Impact Challenge Australia. We're thrilled to partner with the Penguin Foundation to kick off our annual SitePoint Christmas Sale. We're offering an exclusive two-year membership to Learnable, our learning platform, for $144 — and we'll be making a donation to the Penguin Foundation that includes $75 for each two-year membership purchase. A two-year Learnable membership gives you access (and unlimited downloads!) to all SitePoint books and Learnable course, including Russ Weakley's CSS Troubleshooting, our brand-new edition of Darren Jones's JavaScript: Novice to Ninja, and our five-star-reviewed Introduction to JQuery, taught by Sachin Bhatnagar. We have already raised over $10,000 for the Penguin Foundation. If you'd like to help us take that even further, click here to buy your two-year Learnable membership!
James Hibbard, Nov 28

On Our Radar This Week: Black Friday Freebies and Vanilla JS

This week's round-up of the biggest web news includes a host of Black Friday freebies, a look at what's possible in vanilla JS and accessibility in Angular.
Kyle Vermeulen, Nov 27

Have a Free Weekend of Learnable, On Us

This Thanksgiving weekend we've opened up our learning platform Learnable to everyone! Check it out and get learning!
Craig Buckler, Nov 26

Easy Internet Explorer Testing with RemoteIE

How can you test a browser which is not available on your OS? If Virtual Machines are too much effort, try RemoteIE on your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.
Paul Wilkins, Nov 21

On Our Radar This Week: Watch Apple, and Intuitive Animations

Paul Wilkins takes a look at the best links of the week, sharing articles about styleguides, UI, and intuitive animations.
James Hibbard, Nov 14

On Our Radar This Week: Firefox, MV* Frameworks and Go

This week's round-up of the biggest web news includes a look at the Firefox Developer edition, a comparison of MV* frameworks and doing math in CSS.
Elio Qoshi, Nov 13

Mozilla Introduces Firefox Developer Edition

Elio Qoshi, a Mozilla volunteer representative, explains Mozilla's new major release: A separate standalone version of Firefox designed for web developers.
Paul Wilkins, Nov 07

On Our Radar This Week: as Easy as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Paul Wilkins delves into the biggest and most useful links of the week, including a look at the updated versions of many popular apps and frameworks.
Craig Buckler, Nov 06

Browser Trends November 2014: IE Drops Below 20%

Craig takes his regular look at the monthly web browser usage charts. Despite a small increase last month, IE usage has now dropped below one in five users.
James Hibbard, Oct 31

On Our Radar This Week: i18n, React and Productivity

This week's round-up of the biggest web news includes new features in Windows 10, an explanation of i18n, as well as tips and tricks to be more productive.
Paul Wilkins, Oct 24

On Our Radar This Week: Scroll Magic and Lobotomized Owls

This week Paul Wilkins shows off the best links of the week, from Google's product strategy to lobotomized owls.
James Hibbard, Oct 17

On Our Radar This Week: RubyGems and Reasons to Love Angular

This week's round-up of the biggest web news includes plenty on Microsoft, a look at RubyGems, and an explanation of progressive enhancement
Adam Roberts, Oct 16

Share Your Christmas Wishes and Win!

Let us know what you'd like for Christmas and go into the draw to win a free year at Learnable, our learning platform.
Josh Mackow, Oct 15

Deploy to New Relic, Get a Year of Free Learning

Try New Relic before December 31 and you'll get one year of FREE web courses and ebooks at our e-learning site, Learnable.
Elio Qoshi, Oct 14

What's New in Firefox 33

Elio looks at the major new features included in Firefox 33, with particular attention given to the WebIDE, the @media sidebar, and the event listener popup
Paul Wilkins, Oct 10

On Our Radar This Week: Windows 95, Startup Help, and Automation

On this week's On Our Radar, Paul Wilkins covers the biggest web news and articles from the last seven days, including automation, Mario and CSS Shapes
Simon Mackie, Oct 07

Making the Most of Collaborative Editing with “Live Update”

SitePoint and Learnable are writing a new edition of the bestselling book, "HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World", and we're asking for your help, via GitHub.