Bringing Sexy Back To Web Design

By Shayne Tilley

Sexy Web Design Cover
Tired of creating sites that don’t, well, look very nice? Then our latest book, Sexy Web Design, is for you …

Sexy Web Design is an easy-to-follow guide that shows reveals the secrets of how to build your own breathtaking web interfaces from scratch. You’ll be guided through the entire process of creating a gorgeous, usable web site by applying the timeless principles of user-centered design.

The author, Elliot Jay Stocks, is an independent designer whose client list includes Automattic, Blue Flavor, EMI Records, Carsonified, The Beatles … yes, The Beatles.

Even if you’re short on design skills, with this book you’ll be creating your own stunning web sites in no time at all.

This book will show you how to:

  • Design your own impressive web interfaces that just work
  • Create beautiful, yet functional, web sites
  • Master the interface design principles: research, structure, aesthetics, and deliverables
  • Unleash your own artistic talents

…and much more. Far too many things to mention here!

The book’s full-color layout and large format (8” x 10”) make Sexy Web Design a pleasure to read.

Order a copy of Sexy Web Design now and receive a free hexadecimal color card worth $7.95 absolutely free!

It’s time to start making your web sites look smokin’ hot!

  • The thing is, a person can read many books on designing but I think creativity comes from inside that person. The book can be a very good one but will it make a person creative?

  • that’s part of the beauty of this book. It shows you how to find and record design inspiration and how to translate that inspiration into a work of art. Not all us are naturally gifted with creativity, but this book will show you how.

  • hmm..interesting point..I wanna check this book up..But I can’t buy it…lol

  • You might want to try downloading the free sample for more detail

  • adimauro

    a person can read many books on designing but I think creativity comes from inside that person

    I agree to a point, but as a programmer I have found the design books to be quite helpful, since I don’t have professional design training.
    On the flip-side, maybe we need more books about content? I had a great idea the other day for a design, put it together, and loved the way it came out…but now what?! I have no idea what to DO with it! Getting inspiration for content can be just as hard.
    Well, I just got my email yesterday that my copy of this book was shipped, so I can’t comment on it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

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