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By Shayne Tilley

The Principles of Successful
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It’s time for another Twitaway — that is, a SitePoint book giveaway for following us on Twitter. And the freebie? Well, it’s a cracker: The Principles of Successful Freelancing by Miles Burke.All you need to do to snap up a free PDF copy of this simply awesome 200-page book is follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter — it’s that easy!To grab your free book visit http://twitaway.sitepoint.com/

  • Don’t Twitter? That’s cool, you’re still covered. All you need is an email address and we’ll send you the download details posthaste (remember to check your spam folder).
  • Already following @sitepointdotcom? You still get the freebie, just verify here, and we’ll provide you the download details.

Want to Win a MacBook Pro as Well?

The good folks at 99designs.com, the sponsor of this giveaway, happen to be running a Twitaway of their own. Follow @99designs on Twitter. Make sure you’re still around for the for the September 30th draw and you could win a shiny new MacBook Pro!Entering the draw couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Follow @sitepointdotcom = free book (worth $29.95)
  2. Follow @99designs = a chance to win a MacBook Pro!

Check out all the details here: http://twitaway.sitepoint.com/

Remember to Tell your Tweeps!

As if everything above was not cool enough, the most creative tweet containing the #twitaway hashtag will win a super secret prize — but more on that next week.

Hat Tip to our Sponsors

We’re able to provide this freebie thanks to the team at 99designs. If you have a minute, people, pop over and check them out as a way of saying thanks for the free book.

Act Quickly, Or You Might Miss Out!

This Twitaway is for 10 days only and the clock’s ticking — so don’t miss out! Instead of putting it on the to-do list, just a clickety-click and a free book is all yours. Just in case you missed it, here’s that link again: http://twitaway.sitepoint.com

  • BrownFreelance

    The link doesn’t work. :(

  • JGarrido

    For some reason, my last comment was flagged by a spam detector, so I just wanted to say that the link to the free book isn’t working.

  • JGarrido

    Okay, the page seems to be fully-functional now, and I was able to download the PDF. It looks like a great resource – thank you SitePoint and 99designs!

  • mona

    it just doesn`t work anymore… :(

  • StevenHu

    How do you know where to send the PDF once we sign up for the Twitter feed? I don’t see a link to the PDF.


  • StevenHu

    Oh, yeah, putting “WTF?!” in your ad cheapens your company. Don’t you know what that stands for?


  • KMP

    Thanks for the great book! It looks like a wonderful resource no matter what type of freelancing you do.

    Thanks Again

  • Hendarismanto

    thanks for free ebook

  • Abdul Aziz

    Thanks a million for the book :)

  • okoj

    thanks very much



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