Web Foundations
By Adam Roberts

Deprecated Elements (to avoid using)

By Adam Roberts

The following elements listed are all deprecated, meaning that they have been removed in later revisions of standards. Their use should now be avoided, but in most cases these elements are still well supported. Note that plaintext and xmp, were removed between HTML3.2 and HTML4 and are classed as ‘obsolete’ (they do not show as ‘deprecated in HTML4.01’, they are simply not shown).

  • applet
    inserts a Java applet (mini application) into the document
  • basefont
    sets a basic font size for normal browser text
  • center
    centers all the enclosed content
  • dir
    used to define a multicolumn directory listing
  • font
    the (out-of-favor) font styling element
  • isindex
    indicates that the document has an associated keyword index that can be searched
  • menu
    used to define a list of menu choices
  • plaintext
    tells browser to treat all following text as plain text
  • s
    renders text with a horizontal strike (line) through the middle
  • strike
    renders text with a horizontal strike (line) through the middle
  • u
    underlines enclosed text
  • xmp
    example text

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