Fax Quintus, Jan 23

How Fast Food Packaging Influenced Mobile Virtual Reality

Fax Quintus tells us the story of how his startup came up with the software and hardware to make mobile Virtual Realityā€¦ A Reality.
Rico ZuƱiga, Jan 22

Create a Tetromino Puzzle Game Using Swift - Gameplay

In part three of our tutorial on creating a game in Swift, Rico Zuniga shows how to create interactions and basic gameplay.
Tahir Taous, Jan 21

5 Mobile App Testing Tools

Tahir Taous looks at 5 services for testing your mobile apps and getting user feedback quickly.
Rico ZuƱiga, Jan 16

Create a Tetromino Puzzle Game Using Swift - Drawing Objects

In Part 2 of our tutorial on creating a game with Swift, Rico Zuniga looks at drawing objects to the screen.
Dave Albert, Jan 13

AppGyver, Hybrid App Development That Goes Beyond Just Code

Dave Albert looks at a new cross platform mobile development option that goes beyond providing a coding framework with an entire suite of workflow tools.
Piotr Pawlak, Jan 09

Creating Native Apps with Kinetise, a Promising New SaaS

Piotr Pawlak walks us through a promising new SaaS that helps entrepreneurs build native apps with a simple point and click interface.
Rico ZuƱiga, Jan 07

Create a Tetromino Puzzle Game Using Swift - Getting Started

Rico ZuƱiga begins a thorough tutorial on creating a game with Swift, Apple's new Programming Language.
Dave Albert, Dec 30

Pushing Push - Have Notifications Come of Age?

Recent Developments in Android and iOS have increased the potential of Push Notifications. Dave Albert explores the possibilities.
Jay Raj, Dec 25

Web App Development with Junior and Firebase

Following on from our last tutorial on the Junior Framework, Jay Raj looks at connecting it to a backend to build a 'to do' app.
Jordan Morgan, Dec 22

8 Steps to Take Before You Start Coding Your next iOS App

Jordan Morgan outlines the steps you should consider before embarking on your next iOS app.
Dave Albert, Dec 12

Your App Failed Because People Forgot about It

Your great app launched well and then your users forgot about it. Dave Albert looks at tips and advice on how to keep your users coming back.
Chris Ward, Dec 11

2014 in Review, Niches Become Mainstream

2014 was quite a year, especially for technology and how it affects everyone. Here are some of my highlights, lowlights and observations on the year.
Aldo Ziflaj, Dec 10

Using the Codename One Designer Tool to Create Apps Visually

The Codename One Designer Tool allows developers to create fast cross platform apps semi-visually. Aldo Ziflaj takes a look.
Jay Raj, Dec 05

Mootor, an HTML5 Framework for Mobile Development

Another HTML5 Mobile Web framework! Yes, Jay Raj takes a look at Mootor
Joyce Echessa, Dec 04

Improved Android Emulation with Genymotion

The default Android emulator is renowned for it's slowness. Joyce Echessa looks at one alternative, Genymotion.
Aldo Ziflaj, Dec 02

Codename One, Cross Platform "Native" Development

Codename One allows developers to write in Java and build them into native code for various mobile platforms. Too good to be true? Aldo Ziflaj investigates.
Jay Raj, Nov 25

Developing Cross Platform Applications with Qt

Qt has been with us for some time, but it still offers a lot of easy options for cross platform app development. Jay Raj takes a look.
Jay Raj, Nov 21

Junior, a Front-end Framework for HTML 5 Mobile Apps

Junior is yet another Front-end Framework for HTML 5 Mobile Apps. How does it stack up against all the others? Jay Ray shows us through a todo tutorial.
Elio Qoshi, Nov 18

Introducing Appmaker, Teaching Coding Through App Design

Mozilla have created Appmaker to help people learn to code through a simple drag and drop interface. Elio Qoshi tells us more.
Jay Raj, Nov 07

The Top 7 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

The options for hybrid mobile app development change on an almost weekly basis. Jay Ray shows us his favorite seven.
Joyce Echessa, Nov 06

Building Adaptive User Interfaces for iOS 8

Apple have introduced new tools for building adaptive interfaces in iOS 8. They are very thorough but offer great potential. Joyce Echessa shows us more.
Aldo Ziflaj, Nov 03

Using Android's Content Providers to Manage App Data

Content Providers in Android help you manage App Data through a central repository of data. Aldo Ziflaj demonstrates how to use them with a ToDo App.
Jay Raj, Oct 27

Taking Your Cordova App Further with Onsen UI

We look further into Onsen UI, with a tutorial on getting authentication into your Cordova App.
Annarita Tranfici, Oct 23

Designing Interfaces for Cross Device Use

Increasingly, users are frequently using multiple devices at once. How do we design a great experience for this?