Jay Raj, Apr 21

Creating a Bucket List with the Ionic Framework and Firebase

Jay Ray looks at using the IONIC Framework to create a Bucket List application perfect for mobile usage.
Abder-Rahman Ali, Apr 15

Doctor, Can You Prescribe Me An App?

Abder-Rahman Ali reports on the UK's NHS issuing guidance for medical practitioners in prescribing Apps to patients and what this means for all of us.
Donald Dragoti, Apr 14

Device Detection for Apps with WURFL.js

Donald Dragoti looks at detecting device and browser capabilities to optimize your responsive web designs with wurfl.js.
Richa Jain, Apr 08

7 Best Practices for Designing a Mobile User Experience

Richa Jain discusses 7 of her favourite tips for designing a mobile user experience to give your mobile users an optimized experience with your site.
Elio Qoshi, Apr 07

Beyond Responsiveness, the WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin

Elio Qoshi explains how utilising the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin can make turning your online presence into a simple and effective mobile application is a simple and worthwhile process.
Narayan Prusty, Mar 25

How to Create a Password Manager App with Cordova

Apache Cordova makes it very easy to create functional cross platform apps. Narayan Prusty shows us how to make a password manager.
Abder-Rahman Ali, Mar 24

What Is Apple's ResearchKit and Why Is It Important?

Abder-Rahman Ali takes a deeper look at Apple's new ResearchKit and wonders what its real impact will be.
Jaykishan Panchal, Mar 18

What Are the Security Risks of HTML5 Apps?

Jaykishan Panchal poses a controversial question to lovers of HTML5 based App development. How secure are they?
Aurelio De Rosa, Mar 17

Building a Mobile JavaScript Powered Audio Player

Aurelio De Rosa continues his addiction to JavaScript by showing us how to make a mobile audio player that reacts to battery and light levels.
Elio Qoshi, Mar 13

Introducing Fabric, Twitter's Mobile Development Platform

Elio Qoshi attended Twitters Fabric event in Berlin and reports back on what he learnt about the company's new mobile development platform.
Ada Ivanoff, Mar 11

11 Free Mobile Icon Sets to Use in Your App

Ada Ivanoff shows us 11 fantastic icon sets for use in your Android, iOS and Windows Apps, many of which are free.
Patrick Catanzariti, Mar 03

What Does Pebble Time Mean For Developers?

Patrick Catanzariti explains what developers can look forward to in the new Pebble Time Watch.
Charles Costa, Feb 27

Automotive Trends for App Developers

Charles Costa summarizes his thoughts from CES on how app developers can become involved with the future of the automotive industry.
Paul Boag, Feb 26

Do You Really Need an App for That?

First everybody wanted a website. Then along came Flash and so people wanted a Flash site. Now everybody wants a mobile app. But do they really need one?
Abder-Rahman Ali, Feb 24

How Mobile Technology Is Changing Healthcare

Abder-Rahman Ali kickstarts a series of posts from him on how mobile technology is changing healthcare.
Jordan Morgan, Feb 20

Integrating Touch ID Into Your iOS App

Jordan Morgan shows how to integrate Touch ID into your iOS apps, allowing for a new range of authentication methods and options.
Chris Ward, Feb 17

Finovate 2015, the Part Mobile is Playing in Fintech

Chris Ward reports back from Finovate 2015 in London to discover the part that mobile is playing in FinTech.
Joyce Echessa, Feb 13

Creating Custom UI Components and Live Rendering with Xcode

Joyce Echessa talks through the changes in XCode 6 that mean Interface Builder now allows you to edit custom controls and see them rendered live.
Dave Albert, Feb 06

The Top 10 Personalization Strategies for Non-Retail Apps

Dave Albert takes a look at strategies for personalizing user experience in our Apps. Taking a different perspective from the usual retail focus.
Richa Jain, Feb 04

How to Decide Your Mobile Web Strategy

Richa Jain highlights some of the major differences between desktop and mobile design and approaches on how to solve them.
Charles Costa, Feb 02

5 Proven Tips to Improve your App Marketplace Ranking

Charles Costa shows us 5 tips to improve your app marketplace ranking and gain those crucial views and downloads.
Rico Zuñiga, Jan 29

Create a Tetromino Puzzle Game Using Swift - Final Steps

Rico Zuniga finishes our four part tutorial on game programming with Swift, adding final polish to the game.
David Turnbull, Jan 28

A Beginners Guide to Mobile Development with Meteor

Meteor.js is a promising JavaScript framework, that also comes prepackaged with Cordova support, ideal for mobile development. David Turnbull shows us more.
Abbas Suterwala, Jan 27

Handling and Displaying Images in Android

Abbas Suterwala demonstrates how to use several Android ImageViews to easily display and handle images in your app.