Day Camp 4 Developers: PHP Application Security

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Day Camp 4 Developers: PHP Application Security

Application security is on everybody’s mind these days. Every day we hear of another site hacked or another data breach. Does your team do everything it can to keep your site secure and your data safe?

Day Camp 4 Developers is a semi-regular online meetup of developers who want to teach people things that don’t appear in the regular curriculum of your average conference. It’s about exploring PHP in specific ways that don’t have to conform to a generalist lineup to please as many people as possible, but instead narrow the focus to a specific area of development or soft skills around it.

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Cal Evans, the godfather of PHP, draws in a very interesting crowd every single time and makes sure the topics are contextually linked, but unique and interesting across the spectrum.

Previous iterations of the event dealt with everything from telecommuting and speaking in front of an audience to performance, in-depth debugging, and building good APIs.

This time, DC4D’s focus is application security in the PHP world, featuring such acclaimed speakers as Ben Ramsey (speaking about OAuth2), Adam Englander (explaining cryptography), Scott Arciszewski (on Libsodium), Sammy Powers (talking about randomness in PHP) and finally, Eric Mann (who’ll be teaching us about the proper way to store passwords and credentials in code).

The “conference” is wholly online, much like Laracon Online earlier this year, allowing for freedom from the 9-to-5 curse. There are several ticket tiers available for purchase:

  • attendee and video only are essentially identical, the latter only allowing you access to the videos after it’s all done, convenient if you can’t make it on the day of the talks.
  • office party will let you stream the videos around the office. Logistically, there’s nothing preventing you from doing so on lower tiers as well, but the assumption is that we all appreciate each other’s work and are willing to pay for one another’s time fairly.
  • enterprise allows multi-office (or even theater) streaming – it’s “office party on steroids“.

Office party in a theater?

If you’re interested in checking out some of the past videos, they can be purchased individually here, but I really do recommend you treat this session as your test drive – the topics are interesting and extremely important, particularly these days. And hey, if you need testimonials, there’s a whole page of influentials praising the event.

Will you be tuning in?

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