I'm currently building myself a new website, and as ofcourse it's for me I want to make it a bit special. As a result of some hair brain idea I've come up with this flashy automated interface powered by DHTML. Which looks all well and nice, but when I try to sleep at night Im haunted by ghostly echo's of design puritans whispering things like..

"but what about the poor Netscape 4 user, whos internet life you've crushed? and mr paranoia who turned off his javascript, now he will never view your wonderful site"

Now, in this day and age should I really worry that some version 4 user may not be able to view my site. I mean arent these users extinct by now? Surely the web must be a nightmare if they do.. Personally I forgot about the font tag a while back.

Or am I just being ignorant of the silent masses