I'm back for more help. :-)

I have a Javascript redirect on pages inside my site (not the index page) because Netscape 4+ doesn't see the CSS properly. I'd tested it at home, and it worked fine. But now testing it on another computer, its not redirecting.

If you'd like to check for yourself on Netscape 4.7, test this page:

The script in question is:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf('5.')>-1){version=5};
if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf('6.')>-1){version=6}; browser='OTHER';
if (navigator.appName=='Netscape'){browser='NS'+version;}
if (navigator.appName=='Microsoft Internet Explorer'){browser='MSIE'+version;}
if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf('MSIE 3')>0) {browser='MSIE3';} if(browser == 'NS5'){browser='NS6'};
if (browser=='MSIE3') {window.location='http://www.exiesuniverse.com/badBrowser.html'}
if (browser=='MSIE4') {window.location='http://www.exiesuniverse.com/badBrowser.html'}
if (browser=='NS3') {window.location='http://www.exiesuniverse.com/badBrowser.html'}
if (browser=='NS4') {window.location='http://www.exiesuniverse.com/badBrowser.html'}

located in the head of my page. Unfortunately I don't remember where I got the script. I only want to redirect Netscape 4.7 and older (and old MSIE), other versions work fine.

As always, thanks for any help.