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Thread: MySQL Backup

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    MySQL Backup


    I want to move a MySQL database from one server to another. Since this database is having more than 150 tables with humongous data inserted, I canít take a regular backup like downloading as SQL file and then uploading it at the other MySQL server.
    Also the server that currently hosts the database is not having SSH installed in it.
    So is there any easy way by which u can move the database to the other server.
    Is there any way by which I can login to the second server via putty and connect to the current server and move the databases?

    Please advise me.

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    You can use the -h flag on mysqldump to tell it to connect to the old database, and produce the .sql dump on the new server. Then run it through mysql to populate the database on the new server.

    mysqldump --help

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