Hopefully someone working in IT, databases, etc. at the corporate level can answer this question.

Are you able to deploy PHP/MySQL scripts for the enterprise?

I know there are issues when corporations use Oracle databases and they don't want to re-compile PHP, etc.

My script asks IT administrators to upload a PHP authentication file which connects to a MySQL database to authenticate users. They will need to setup a custom MySQL database and add in each employee from the corporation as a permitted user. I get the feeling this is not ideal. Any better workarounds for the enterprise level?

Should I delay enterprise deployment until I can use a combination such as ASP/Oracle?

Is it common to allow a corporation's programmers to fix (or build their own) scripts in case they don't use PHP/MySQL? For example, is it common for corporations to identify a PHP script they really like (but incompatible with their server environment) and then just pass it on to the programmers to re-write the script for their environment?

Or should I get someone to re-write my script for all databases and operating systems? I was looking at database servers and they're using operating systems I haven't even heard of (i.e. IBM AIX?)

Given the dozens of different operating systems and hundreds of different enterprise database offerings, this could be more hectic than Javascript DOM!