Hi and good morning developer-types!

We need to take the results of a SQL query from MS SQL Server 7/2000 and format them to a XML schema document (.xsd). SQL 2000 has rudimentary XML support but you cannot, to my knowledge, format that automagically to a schema document. Plus we have to use older versions of MS SQL which do not have the same XML features. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to perform this? I'm not sure if this is a database question or a VB type one, but I figured I'd post it here first!

I'm thinking the hardest part would be to figure out how to format the result set as defined per the XSD (the main part of the app anyway ).

We're currently using VB6 and MS XML 4 for the path of least resistance, although probably we'll move to Java since this will have to be run on *nix environments, but for now I think I'm just trying to get an algorithm designed for the parsing -- once I understand how to do it, it should be easily portable to other languages.

Any thoughts?