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    Tutorial opinion about AJAX file upload

    Hi guys and gals,

    Last year, just a few days before holidays, I wrote a tutorial about a new
    feature available in Firefox 3 that allows web developers to do AJAX-style file
    uploads. Initially I intended to publish this tutorial as a SitePoint article, but it
    got rejected so I published it on my blog.

    Now, I'd love some feedback. So, if there's anyone out there that has enough
    patience to read an exhaustive tutorial about uploading files with nothing more
    than JavaScript I'd like to hear her/his opinion. If it's crap just tell me 'cause
    indifference kills. Anyway, if patience is not your strong point there's a ZIP
    package containing both a "simple" and a "complex" take on the problem. Try

    If anyone considers this thread some kind of blog publicity just tell me and I'll
    post the whole tutorial right here as a standalone thread. But I'm not after
    traffic for my blog, I just want some feedback as this is my first tutorial.

    You may found the link in my signature. Thanks in advance and hope you'll like it.
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    I just read your tutorial and I must admit that I'm quite interested in testing it out. As I was reading I had a few questions which I was hoping to pick your brain on but this post is quite old so I'm not sure if you're still following it. If you are, let me know and hopefully we can have a dialogue...



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