I was wondering how I'm able to change a textboxcolumn to a comboboxcolumn in runtime. I know how to add one but not how to change one because when I try to sort my datagrid with a dataview my styles are removed because my dataset doesn't contain any combobox so when i add the dataview to the binding source I have only textboxcolumns and I need a combobox to show a field from another table in my dataset.

my code to filter my datagrid:
Dim dtvGrid As DataView
dtvGrid = dtsOrders.Tables(strTabel).DefaultView

		'Filter de rij op een veldnaam met een gegeven waarde.
		dtvGrid.RowFilter = strField & " Like '*" & strValue & "*'
dgrGrid.DataSource = dtvGrid
Screenshots of my problem, as you can see my klantnaam field changes, it was a combobox with a displaymember of another table.

thanks in advance