I have an error with uploading PHP...

I'm doing a "job application" from the book PHP programing and I have an error. Here's the story:

You fill out the application, and you also given a chance to attach/upload your "resume" with your "job application" submission. Well, everything works fine when you have an application, it places the resume and a .txt and submission feild submissions into it's own text.

The scrip is made that you don't need to attach your "resume," however, when I don't attach it it says:

Warning: Unable to open 'none' for reading: No such file or directory in .../jobapp_action.php on line 79
Error saving resume.
However, your application will still be processed.

Note that "Error saving resume..." is suppose to show up when a resume isn't sumitted but the "Warning" shouldn't.

this is the portion of the code:

echo (NL . NL);
If ($userfile) {
if (copy($userfile, "./temp/$applicant")) { \\ line # 79
echo("<B>Resume received: thank you!</B>");
} else {
echo("<B>Error saving resume.</B>" .
"However, your application will still be processed.");

Thanks for your time,