I just don't know enough about html and scripts to figure any of it out. I cannot even figure out where to put the images in, so I think I give up on this project. I am more one of those people that copy the example and just put in my images where the example images are.

But, as far as I know, is the only slideshow script that allows two slideshows on the same page where the slideshows can contain content inbetween the two slides, so you ought to submit it to dynamic drive. You are worked on it hard enough. Many of their scripts are too complicated for me also, but others that understand all this more will like to have access to it I am sure, because in my many weeks of searching for a code that would let me do this, I also ran across many forum links where persons were seeking the same thing but never found any solutions in the responses. I will probably just have to find a friend that is good at this stuff and see if they will create this one page for me and I will save this page for them to see this script, but my mind is boggled by it all as I am pretty much limited to creating pages in Dreamweaver and doing simple html things or scripts that are pretty much set up and I just have to edit and replace with my own images.

I appreciate all the help, I am just not html savvy enough to understand it all. I am one of those that needs detailed instruction, put this here, put this there and change this out to your images kind of thing...someone who just needs to pay someone else to build websites for me but am just too poor to do so. :-(