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    Question JavaScript mootools jd smooth gallery

    Hi everyone,

    I have decided to use the jd smooth gallery on my site. Before I added this I had the jQuery innerfade on the same page used for text. Now I have added the mootools effect for images it has stopped the text effect.

    I have tried fixing this by removing the jQuery and duplicating the mootools gallery. The problem I am now with is getting the duplicate mootools to do what I want..

    The gallery works fine but the second one does not work.. What I want to do is have text fade at a timed rate. It sounds simple but yet it is proving to be difficult.

    Basically the default for the mootools smooth gallery is #myGallery and for the duplicate I have renamed #myGallery to #myComments. I have duplicated the word Gallery everywhere in the CSS and JS changing it to Comments but still no luck.. Can someone put me in the right direction please so I can get the two effects working?

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    Giving some code snippet where you feels is a problem, would help.
    Vikrant Korde
    S Y S T I M E, Mhape,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


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