Hi. I have a user management script that is essentially Kevin Yank's script. I added a session_cache_limiter in an attempt to get rid of the annoying "Page has expired" warnings that come up whenever a user clicks on the "BACK" button. It works great, but it has the unintended effect of logging the user out (I guess it just drops the "uid" and "pwd" session variables). At least that's what happens when I put the session_cache_limiter before the session_start. When I put it AFTER the session_start, it doesn't log the user out, but it also doesn't work! That is, it reverts back to the "Page has expired warnings". Can anyone help? Here's a snippet below. Thanks!

<?php // accesscontrol.php
include($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/../includes/common.php");
include($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/../includes/db.php");
//We're trying the following in an effort to fix those annoying "Warning: Page has expired" messages.
if(!isset($uid)) {