I run a showcase site for illustrators that is in need of a makeover. I'm planning to move it onto an open source CMS and would like some advice.

Are there any systems that are particularly well suited to this type of gallery-based site?

Essential requirements:

User accounts - artists register, create and update their page on the site with biographical info, image uploads, contact details, etc.

Image control - need to be able to refuse or resize images that are too big; and to create thumbs for index pages

Search - users search and browse through images, filtering for subject matter, media, style, etc

Plus, if possible, a module that ties in the member accounts to their Paypal subscriptions

I am pretty new to open source CMS options, having just started to research for this project. My background is in web editing, rather than developing, so I'd like to know: would I be able to set up and modify one of these systems, given that I have some knowledge of PHP + CSS (eg. enough to set up and re-skin a phpbb forum or Wordpress site) or would I need to hand over parts of it to a developer? Are some systems more aimed at users with my level of knowledge?

Any advice much appreciated!