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    CSS DIV Layout problem

    Hi all

    Not quite sure what is happening with my css but I have created a div that holds an image and text from a database. This is done by a php while loop.

    There is not a problem in Firefox but in IE the DIV's start coming out of line with one another and sometimes putting big gaps in the content area where there shouldn't be. I can't see what the problme is when all the php is doing is lopping the same DIV for each peice of data in the Database.

    Can anyone help?

    Here is the page


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    I couldn't see evidence of a problem on that page, Therefore I'm guessing that the problem is that some of your captions are running to 2 lines and making some of those floats higher than the others.

    If this is the case then when the floats wrap to another line they will snag on the tallest float and the layout will go all out of sync. You need to set a height that will accommodate your longest caption and apply that to all floats or else crop the captions to one line if possible.

    There is a very complicated example here that allows for any length of caption.

    If that's not the problem then a link to a page showing what you mean would be helpful

    BTW you need to clear the floats in firefox to make the background extend around them.


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