Working on "Shovell", I have gotten to the 2 index pages, Front Page and Upcoming Stories. The "Front Page" works fine. The "upcoming Stories" doesn't.

The problem lies in the _story.rhtml file.
<div id="story">
    <h3><%= link_to, 
                   story_url(:permalink => story.permalink) %></h3>
	 Submitted by: <%= story.user.login %> | 
	 Score: <%= story.votes_count %>
This same file is used both by "index" (or Front Page) and "bin" or (upcoming stories). The only difference in code with the two controllers is the choice conditions for the sql. The "bin" then uses the index.rhtml file for output just like the "index".

Here is the result:
Showing app/views/story/_story.rhtml where line #4 raised:

You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
The error occurred while evaluating nil.login

Extracted source (around line #4):

1:   <div id="story">
2:     <h3><%= link_to, story_url(:permalink => story.permalink) %></h3>
3: 	<p>
4: 	 Submitted by: <%= story.user.login %> | 
5: 	 Score: <%= story.votes_count %>
6:     </p>
7:   </div>
This is straight out of the book - Strange that it works one way and not the other. Does anyone have any answers to this problem?