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    Pulling a value from a string w/o variable?

    Excuse the summary line - I wasn't sure how to ask about this.

    I know how to get a value from a string, i.e.

    What I am wondering is if the string looks like this:

    1. Does that always mean that it will be searching for a directory named 'abc'?

    2. If not, how can I pull that 'abc' from the string when it's not defined by a variable?

    3. If it only wants a directory, how can I redirect from within that directory? My redirect URL needs to contain a stored variable from an include file. So, how can that happen redirect script must be the first code on the page?

    I'm referring to the redirect that begins with "header.." -- is there another way? That I'll keep researching, but if there's a quick yes/no that would help.

    Thanks! Hope this made sense, lol.


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    Doesn't make much sense to me.

    If your URL is, and the index page for that site is a PHP script, then 'abc' will be in $_GET['value'].

    I don't know what you're asking with the /abc. Unless you've written rules with mod_rewrite or mod_redirect to change the URL scheme for your site, that would be the URL of the index page in the abc directory. You would need to examine the REQUEST_URI or PATH_INFO in $_SERVER if your script there somehow didn't know it was in /abc (code it in?) and you wanted to find that fact out.


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