My problem is that I need a solution to change the state of an image rollover sitting in frame A based on the content of frame B. For example, if frame B is about cars, then the button for cars in frame A should appear to be in its rollover state. I cannot use css for this and frames are a must for this as it is designed for Windows Mobile 5. Help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I tried to use parent.frameBname.document.title to do this, but everytime parent.frameBname.document.title would return me a value of '';

Just in case if codes are needed, my current codes are:

        function addImage (key) { 
		document.getElementById(key).src = swapImage(key); 
	function swapImage (key) { 
		if (parent.content.document.title == key) { 
			return 'images/button_' + key + 'over.gif'; 
		} else { 
			return 'images/button_' + key + '.gif';