Hi Guys,

on my site when a user goes to the "downloads.php" page i update mysql to say downloads+1 to increment the number of downloads each time (but saying that not everyone who goes to the downloads page downloads something)

the code is pretty basic:


PHP Code:
     // start by grabbing the id...//////////////////////////////////////////////////
$id $_GET['id'];    
// get the file...///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
$query1 "SELECT * FROM `uploads` WHERE `id`='$id'"
$result1 mysql_query($query1);
$row mysql_fetch_array($result1);
$file_id $row['file_id']; 
$file_name $row['file_name'];
// update the hit counter...////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
mysql_query("UPDATE `uploads` SET `downloads`=`downloads` + 1 WHERE `id`='$id'"); 
i was thinking a better way would be to place a button there when pressed the download box pops up and THEN it increments mysql but i'm not entirely sure where to go from there i can do the buttons ok:

PHP Code:
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="download" /> 
so when the button is pressed the downloads starts (it's not a specific filename) so the name of the downloaded file changes depending on what the uploader has called it kinda thing.

any help would be great.