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    a good php coding format ???

    Hello everybody..
    i am back with some questions..
    i am trying to develop my own php coding format..
    For example:
    db>dbConfig.php (db configuration file)
    >db.class.php (db handlining functions)

    images> here goes the static images..

    pics >here goes the dynamic images ie uploaded etc..

    js > here goes the .js files

    css > here goes the .css files

    etc etc..

    and there may be different classes, libraries....

    I want to develop a totally complete OO coding format (somewhat near to MVC), for example writing different class for mail handling,
    error handling, session hanlding, file handling
    for that i need help of yours...
    Lets share our coding format over here so that a newbie can get
    a bit idea to develop the effiecent and effective one...
    thanks in advance to all of you

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    Not entirely sure I follow your meaning - do you mean a coding style, and rules about variable naming, comments, indentation etc?

    If so, you can start a war.

    Still, heres a few so you get the idea. If its not what you meant then do try and explain to us again.

    Or just google "php coding style", look out for PEAR and Zend.

    Dont worry if you find it all a bit anal, you will see the sense after a while. I think its real important if you want to work in a team environment, or work on shared projects.


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