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    Totally Lost. . .

    I'm trying to come up with a new web application. I don't have the idea yet, but eventually will.

    What should I use to program it? AJAX (a lot are dont in it) PHP . . ?

    I know this is a little general but where would I find resources for these programs and what is most commonly used?


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    Here are some additional questions you night want to ask youself to help determine your own answer:

    Is this a commercial application or hobby?
    Who is your target market?
    What is your timeframe for development?
    What tools do you have at your disposal already?
    What is your development budget?
    What is your current skill set?

    If you are a one-man operation and are trying to get into an application market then I suggest you get a base product out quickly with a solid but small feature set. You can add features such as AJAX a little bit at a time. The learning curve for AJAX is slightly higher and will take longer if you are new to development or new to AJAX. Start with php/mysql, define your features (don't get the list too big), get your product out, get feedback from customers, build from there.

    A great reference as to what is popular/hot, etc is to go to the bookstore and look at how many books there are for one topic (ajax, for instance). If there aren't alot of books, then it might not be a safe bet yet. Also, check out and see how many applications are being developed in each of the programming language categories.

    Check out popular forums (like this one) and see where most of the posts are going and see if you can find some good places to get questions answered.

    Good luck with your project.
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