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    Need to check a cookie with JS, but run PHP code

    Long story short, I have 2 sites.

    1 site sets a cookie on your machine when you have logged in.

    The other site is a wordpress blog. In the index.php (at the root level), I wanted to basically shield the site from running if this cookie is not found on their machine. If it is, the blog will run like normal.

    Is there a way I can do this without doing a bunch of redirects or form postings?


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    depending on how you set it up, you should beable to just do something like: <-- that would be the main site... <-- this would be the blog or whatever

    depending on how the cookies are setup, you should beable to just set the domin to or which will cause it to only send the associated cookies. but if you set the cookies domin like this: it will send it no matter what.

    If they are on completely different sites you shouldnt neeed to worry about it,
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