Hi folks.

We're all well aware of the nasty font size problems on different browsers, and we all know that we must make our sites as accessible as possible. But these two problems seem mutually exclusive.

To make text look the same on all platforms, you must define them in pixels, but then the user can't override this size in MSIE (NS and opera have no problem scaling absolute font sizes).

I have an idea for a solution, but I am no programmer and would not know how to go about achieving it. I am hoping someone here can help me...

What would be ideal would be the ability for users to adjust the text size of a page live by clicking on inline buttons (pehaps a small + and -). This would then instantly update the css and redraw the page. I want to define the base font size in the style sheet something like this:

body, td {font-size: 12px;}

...and then define all other font sizes (eg headings) with percentage values relative to that base.

If the user clicked on the + button once, it would change the style sheet to be a base font of 16px for example. If they clicked again, it would be 24px. The other fonts would all scale relative to the base.

It would also be necessary for the size to be remembered across all pages so the user doesn't have to keep changing the default. Perhaps with a cookie?

I've looked everywhere online for something like this, and the closest I've found is this: http://www.dansteinman.com/dynduo/ex...tscaling1.html but it only works on inline objects, not on the <body>

I would be very greatful to anyone that can help me!