it occurred to me that I need a sound on my onclick event since my program turning on a slide show and giving the user on indication of this in a status window is sufficiently unusual that I wish to give the user a stronger indication of the event. Consequently I have gone looking for a tutorial which would help me learn how to do this. The tutorial I have found thus far is refering to "Internet Explorer 4.0x, Navigator 3.0x, 4.0x" not exactly an up-to-date tutorial. I also wish to keep all my JavaScript effects in a separate behavior layer in accordance with good programming practices. I do not know if embedding sound is an exception to using a behavior layer. Can you embed sound in a separate file and have it play when you do in onclick.

Does anybody know what type sound is most enabled in today's Internet computer users population in the USA today. If someone here can refer me to a tutorial or just put the code I need here that would be great.

Very sincerely