Hello everyone

I want to build a Thesaurus (on beekeeping.) A Thesaurus shows the relationships between terms and starts with a top term (TT) which will be beekeeping ... STAY AWAKE! And see http://instruct.uwo.ca/gplis/677/thesaur/main08.htm for some idea what terms a Thesaurus uses.

Now I originally built the Thesaurus years ago using HTML and each page had links to other pages some 500 pages in all and it was a nightmare to maintain.

Now I have a working knowledge in PHP I want to build the Thesaurus using includes for the HTML header etc etc; and would like to design an engine that assembled the pages on the fly from a table or array or database.

Has anyone travelled this way before? Can you guide me? I favour a massive array that will branch out like the roots of a tree giving the term and the branches, are there penalties in this approach such as array restrictions (size wise,) maintenance, navigation, or something I havenít though about? Or is a database better?