I have a web site that uses several tables and nested tables to display content. I use percentages (up to 100%) to accommodate any size resolution, although I realize that anyone higher than 800x600 is looking at a really wide web page. For all the content I have developed so far, the page is just fine.

My problem is that I have a CGI script which reads a database file and displays the contents in a table. Shouldn't be a problem. But the table goes wider than the screen width, causing the user to scroll. Well, that is not what I have to fix, but that has created a challenge. The top navigation bar, with a blue background, stops at the width of the screen (set at 100%). I want it to display as wide as the page is, including the area where you have to scroll. You can see what I mean at http://www.mrc-productivity.com/test.html .I really need to get this problem solved!

Tracy Doell