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    Move Scrollbar to TextArea Cursor Position

    Is it possible to move the scrollbar in a TextArea component to the current cursor position?

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    textarea scrollbar

    Hi yazan3k, welcome to the forums,
    I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. I believe that when a textarea's col and row values do not provide enough room for the text in it to fit, that's when the scrollbars appear. As more text is entered the previous entered text moves out of view so that the cursor position is always visible. If you move the scrollbar you can see the earlier text, but not the cursor position unless you click in the textarea changing the cursor position.
    Do you want it so the scrollbars are non-functional?
    Or are you using a textarea that has more text already in it than it's dimensions allow, and you want the cursor at the end of the text, thereby not showing the earlier text that's in it?
    Please post a snippet or link to help explain what you want.


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