hi all

i've been playing with the yahoo dialog widget, and trying to get it to work with some code similar to google suggest
(was here, http://www.nsftools.com/tips/ZipLookupTest.htm, not sure now)

originally i had this code working without the yahoo dialog, so it was all on the page, and visible

but i decided it would be cool to have it working as a popup


atm, it is in test mode, so i have a couple of alerts popping up for key events
once, when the page loads, you should see the alert saying what the onkeydown handler is for the text field

then when you select "enter new/other category", a popup should show up saying the same stuff

in firefox, this works, but in ie and opera, it does not
the first popup is fine, the second says null

the relevant js files i think, are http://dtracorp.com/js/XmlHttpLookup.js

can anyone help me out, why does the keyhandler disappear?

don't bother entering anything into the popups, the ajax only works if you are logged in