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    imagecreatefromjpeg(); is just in 256 color?

    Yes i have a resize script thatīs create a "thumbnail" version of the image with imagecreatefromjpeg(); and itīs return a pretty lame solution.... a photo in 256 color...

    So one guy told me that i should use instead imagecreatetruecolor(); but that syntax is only in version 2,0 or higher in libGD from boutell.

    That gave me a error of this syntax and i think defenetly that donīt have version 2,0 or higher in GD but i tryed to get the latest version of the php and just copyed the php_gd.dll in the extension DIR of the php version iīm using but i worked either.

    Iīm using windows2k/ME

    The old file was about 450kb but the new file (php_gd.dll) is 550kb i think so itīs for sure that this is a newer version.

    but that didnīt work

    I load the module in the script directly ( use dl("php_gd.dll");

    But how can i install the latest version from, itīs just a precompiled tarball and iīm no linux guy :/ , on windows2k/ME?

    It it enough to just let someone compile it for me and get the dll file from him?

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    To use the newer version just put it in the extensions folder, back up the old one first just incase!

    ( use dl("php_gd.dll"); This will just use the old one, as you are calling the one in the extensions folder, unless I'm wrong

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