I have been using the SP book Database Drive Website and everything was going along swimingly until this evening. I was able to design, debug and get working a number of web pages to view all of my date (in 7 tables) and I though I had it made.

Then I went to work on the first of the update programs. It pulls the data fine, I got it displayed but as soon as I tried to write it back to the database I got the error: "Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost' (using password: NO)".

Searching the net I found the following note on this problem.


The solution to this is NOT to set a root password during installation.
Redo your installation... and toggle off the option that allows you to set a root password.

Then you will get in.

- cheers

Well, needless to say I did set a root password as recommended on pg 14ff. Can someone confirm that this is indeed the problem here? Isn't there some way of fixing this besides taking MySQL off of my computer and re-installing it?