Hi All,

I've got one of those wonderful CSS/javascript flyout menu's running on my website which is causing me a little bit of grief in Firefox and Safari.

Firefox and Safari seem to be placing the 2nd and 3rd level items of the menu underneath all the other content on the page and therefore can't be seen. Seems to work well on Opera and IE.

Here are the screen shots of what is happening in each browser:

http://dev.platforminteractive.com.a...sue/css_ff.jpg - firefox
http://dev.platforminteractive.com.a.../css_opera.jpg - opera
http://dev.platforminteractive.com.a...sue/css_ie.jpg - ie

You can take a look at the site and the coding behind it at http://dev.platforminteractive.com.au - just in development atm but this nav is causing me some grief.