I have a client that would like to do something like netflix. It looks like it shouldnt be too crazy, except for maybe a lot of joining in the db.

I'm curious to find out from the db programmers in here how thier db structure might look, before I go off and start one on my own. So far I've only got it broken down into a movieInfo table, a userInfo table, a billingInfo table, and a reviews table, and I'm not exactly sure how I would handle the "friends" part.

here's a generaly rundown of what i was looking at so far. I'd image some things would really need to be broken down into some smaller tables (for instance, the stars of the movie may need to be broken down so that you can search by actors):

    -MPAA rating
    -ratings(how many stars the user gave it)
Also, I'm not exaclt sure how I would go about handling the user's rental queue.

I'm thinking that it would more than likely be built with php/mysql...but thats not confirmed.