Hi all,

I'm experiencing a weird UPDATE problem with a form that I have set up in Dreamweaver MX. I'm using the Update Record Server Behaviour to run an update to a table of registrants for a conference. The problem is this:

When I first go to the update page and make any necessary changes, it works fine. But if I go back to the update page and try to update it a second time, all the default data is not found. This also happens on a separate page where I'm not doing an update form, but simply using recordsets to display the data. All of that data disappears too once the registrant record is updated.

The data is still present in my mySQL database, it's just not displaying properly. I'm not sure whether the problem is in the SELECT statement or in the code written to the Update Record Server Behaviour.

I won't post any code at this point, because I'm not even sure what code would be most helpful. I have many tables, with my registants table in a one-to-many relationship with data like gender, provinces, birth months, birht dates (days in a month), etc.

I'm just confused as to why the data would disappear from my display and update pages once it's been updated.

Please help - I need to figure this out fast...

Thanks in advance,