I found this example of a script for finding the top and left edge of an element on a page, which is great. Their demo works fine in Mozi.


I altered it so that it gets the top and left edges of a table instead of a div and then uses that information to position a div on the screen with a line like this:

document.writeln('<div id="content8" style="left:' + (getAbsoluteLeft("mainTable") + 540) + 'px; top:' + (getAbsoluteTop("mainTable") + 315) + 'px;"><p class="homeTitles"><strong>A message from our chairman</strong></p><p class="homeCopy"><strong>Copy to follow.</strong></p></div>')

See what I'm doing? This works fine in IE but not in Mozi? Is this because Mozi doesn't support getting the position of a table but does support it in divs, or is it something else? Is there any way to achieve this in Mozi? I've thought of a workaround involving nesting a div in a table and my table in that div, but it's a bit messy to say the least!

Thanks in advance.